Membership Plans

All plans below are available to all caregivers, unless specified



If you are a professional caregiver:

Nourishing Compassion provides programs throughout San Diego County that combine healing through integrative therapies with healers of the Nourishing Compassion team throughout San Diego. The programs consist of:

Group therapy and expressive arts sessions led by therapists and social workers



Qi Gong


Sound Healing

Floatation Tanks

Meditation and Breathwork

A Complete workbook and guide to accompany you on your healing journey

To become a part of our upcoming pilot program, click here!


If you are caring for a loved one:

Nourishing Compassion understands the many difficulties while caring for a loved one, especially the shortage of time. That is why we have made our program for those caring for loved ones online – for you to use when you find a few minutes to yourself. The online program consists of:

Interactive Lessons on your computer/tablet/phone that allow you to move at your own pace

Awareness Journals

Guided Meditations



Monthly Newsletters

Understanding Compassion Fatigue e-Book

Access to a private FaceBook group for caregivers


Root Plan

Beginning your journey by building a firm base of love and support around you.
$ 0
  • Free e-Book
  • Free Monthly News Letter

Inspiration Plan

With the firm base of support, discover ways to deepen your commitment to help.
$ 9
  • Weekly Guided Meditation
  • Private Online Counseling
  • Everything In The Root Plan

Enlighten Plan

With the firm base of support, discover ways to deepen your commitment to help.
$ 19
  • An Online Program Is An 8 Lesson Series That Is Designed To Allow For The Deepest Compassion Renewal.
  • Everything In The Inspiration Plan
  • Everything In The Root Plan

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Your membership is designed to last as long as you want it to. You can cancel at anytime, without any cancellation fees.

All personal information collected is only for use within Nourishing Compassion – we will not sell your personal information to anyone.

You can give us a call at: 833.614.6100 9am-7pm  and we will resolve your issue as soon as possible.

How To Help

By donating to Nourishing Compassion, you will help to allow nurses, caregivers, family members who care for their loved ones direct access to all the programs that we offer.

By supporting these forgotten heroes, you are dropping a pebble in the pool of healthcare which will have a ripple effect to eventually touch the lives us all.

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