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Our vision for Nourishing Compassion is to create a series of complete, integrative programs that are easy to follow and apply for anyone suffering from compassion fatigue while caring for the chronically ill, the elderly and terminally ill.


Our Mission

Our mission is to create a holistic system for health care practitioners (doctors, nurses, caregivers, acupuncturists, massage therapists, psychotherapists), family members, and anyone else who works with the elderly and dying to recognize, and prevent compassion fatigue from inadvertently damaging their patients or the families of their patients.

Our Values

By bringing attention to the issue of compassion fatigue in a way that is easily accessible, each participant will:

  • Learn the direct correlation that self compassion leads you to act with a compassionate heart.
  • Learn the importance of self awareness through utilizing mindfulness techniques as a way to take a moment before acting.
  • Learn the importance of self care, as you are where care starts.
  • Renew the commitment to continue their work with compassionate care.

Pillars of Service

Program based – 3 levels

Root – Beginning your journey by building a firm base of love and support around you.

Inspiration – With the firm base of support, discover ways to deepen your commitment to help.

Enlighten – Embody all that you have learned, and operate with the highest intentions of good in every aspect of your life.

An Ongoing Commitment to Care

We are here for you every step of the way. We provide surveys, workbooks and exercises to help you along the way. Check out our resources page to find out more.

Building a Culture of Community

Group Therapy sessions to build a solid base of support and trust. Online support groups where you can share your concerns in a group format mediated by by a dedicated counselor. Retreats and group outings that focus on connection and sharing in the journey of compassion renewal.
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How To Help

By donating to Nourishing Compassion, you will help to allow nurses, caregivers, family members who care for their loved ones direct access to all the programs that we offer.

By supporting these forgotten heroes, you are dropping a pebble in the pool of healthcare which will have a ripple effect to eventually touch the lives us all.

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